The language of SMS

So, I see this post up on facebook by a guy who is clearly using, what we term as, SMS lingo.

It went something like this –

“Usin mah Nokia express music yet agin, d new 1’s r ol down wid fvr… :P”

It is irritating enough when people try to abbreviate unnecessary words. I would really like to track one of these people down and ask them what they do with ALL that extra time they save by abbreviating the words. I mean barring how displeasing it looks some of them, like using ‘mah’ instead of ‘my’, does not make even a slight bit of sense. You are adding another character god dammit!!

The worst part, though, was when this other guy had commented on his status correcting his grammatical error.

“  *new 1s r ol… ”

If there was ever a face palm moment, this was it.


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