The Remote to Happiness

Poetry Prompt: Think up a poem title structured as such: The [Concrete Noun] of [Abstract Noun]. Then, write a poem based on that title.

Ever wondered how it is not the biggest of things
but the littlest, just the tiniest of acts that brings

Us the happiness that we seek and desire
and leaves our hearts burning deep in a fire

That can remove all the pain, destroy all the sadness.
It can lead us to heaven; lead us out of this madness

Of selfishness, hatred and all things that are weak
but are always those things our mind tends to seek.

Just do something for others, feel grateful for while;
try to think about others, travel in their shoes for a mile.

You will see the world in a new light, I am sure.
For the pain that is sadness, in your hands is the cure.


Your Wish is My Command

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Lucky Star and Three Coins in the Fountain

In an undiscerning age such as ours, people seem to want everything instantly. They want money, but aren’t willing to work for it as much. They want to be talented but aren’t willing to put in that much effort to learn. They want, but aren’t willing to wait.

In a time like this, getting a wish granted is probably and apt solution for all the woes of people.

The thing is whenever I hear about wishes being granted, I always think about the story Monkey’s Paw. You can ask for a wish but it might not turn out how you wanted.

Keeping that in my mind, here are the wishes which I would like to ask for.


  • People become more tolerant of things. This is like asking for World Peace but that seems to be a temporary solution. A new matter would arise, differentiating people on the basis of something new entirely. If people become more tolerant of each other, most problems in the world would be solved right there.


  • I remain motivated to do my work. Instant money, instant fame etc. can only go so far. I want money, I want fame but in all honesty, I want to work to get all that. I have already done it in a smaller scale and I know that getting something after putting effort into it is much more fulfilling than getting instant gratification.


  • I really do not have a third wish, as of now, so in a normal scenario I would save the wish for later; but if hard pressed to make a wish I would ask for the ability to learn quickly and store that information indefinitely. There is so much to learn in this wide world of ours, that it is estimated that in a life time, one cannot learn all things presently available. A chance to learn all those things at a quicker pace would be much more fulfilling than asking for the entire knowledge at one go. Chances are that entire knowledge of the Universe would be so profound that one might not even comprehend it at one go, resulting in an explosion of head. Literal, mind blown.

I do not see the use of getting to the end, without having experienced the journey in the first place. That’s like asking for a vacation to end, before it has even begun.

Public Transports

Public transports. The commodity which people rarely use nowadays but every time you board one you fall in love with a totally new stranger.

I think that concept of public transport is receding very quickly. The government is trying to redesign the concept of public transport by implementing AC buses and such to make more people travel by buses and I totally support that. In fact, I think more people should take public transports. Apart from the entire environmental conservation thing, it also gives you a chance to see pretty strangers who you begin to like which in a way promotes world peace or something, possibly.