The Crisis Crunch

In response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt: In a Crisis

Most of us in our lives have been in a crisis situation. What those situation might be could range anything from forgetting to do laundry and realizing you have run out of clean clothes to wear, to actually being in a life threatening situation such as a car crash. In any case, we know that in these situations we have to think of ideas which are considerably better than our best.

If we ask ourselves how we would like to believe we handle the crisis in our head, we would all like to say that we would be calm headed and quickly think our way out of the situation.

What We Want to do in a Crisis

But let’s be honest, none of us can really think like that in a crisis situation. Most of the times we are lost and panicking and have no clue whatsoever for what seems to be going on around us.

What We Actually do in a Crisis
What We Actually do in a Crisis

The point here is that we all want to achieve the levelheadedness that we so desire but cannot since every time we are stuck in a crisis situation, we do the one thing that we are not supposed to. We panic!

Now, I am not being all preachy and saying I don’t do this. I do too and that is all the more reason that I want to write about it.

I have averted a lot of big and small crisis in my life and I have realized that being spontaneous in these situations generally does not require you to have a ready wit, or an amazing improvisational skill. These things do help but what is more important is ones preparedness for the situation.

Sure, there are somethings for which we cannot prepare and for that we want ourselves to remain calm when such a situation arises. That, I have found, is the best way to handle a problem.

Having said all this, I would like to confess that I know all the theory there is to deal with a crisis but seem to be having a difficult time facing this one.

The Real Problem
The Real Problem

And the thing is, the more I look around the more I see the same problem with most people. People do not seem to be motivated to do much.

I am yet to figure out how to handle this crisis but this time, I will try to keep myself level headed and calm. I am sure I will figure it out soon.


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