Break-Up Letter (To Writer’s Block)

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me. The thing is, we cannot be together any longer. I mean, I just don’t think we can continue to see each other anymore. Your presence is making me feel restricted; like something is holding me back from doing something I really like.

Again, I would like to stress on the fact that you are not at fault here. You from your side have just been doing exactly what you are supposed to do; but the thing is, with you around I feel miserable. Sure, I enjoy the extra rest that I get with your presence and the fact that when you are here I don’t have to strain my mind thinking up of fantasies and fiction in bed; or on the table; or in the canteen;  in fact, every possible place that I can think of.
But is that what life is all about? Isn’t being together meant to be more than these things?

You tried really hard by making me see the small things in life, like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but the truth is, as addicting as they are, I never really enjoyed them. I did it because of your presence, and I would like to come out clean and say that if it weren’t for you, I probably would not have been doing those things, EVER. I know this might have shocked you but this is what the truth is. The things I enjoyed due to your presence are not the things I really like.

There are times when people look back at something that went wrong and tell themselves that they are ready to move on, to let go; but then they are somehow afraid to actually do so. Maybe because they are unsure of what the future holds for them. But by being scared of the future, they are holding on to the past, which is not doing them any good at all. I think I have realized that with you, I am just trying to hold on to the past. I think it is about time that we both move on and look at new things life has to offer.

I am sure that there will be another who you will find – you seem to have a knack for that. Someone who is probably more suited to be with you than I am. I really think that you deserve someone better; probably someone who likes your presence and would treat you the way you are supposed to be treated.

In the end I would like to say one last thing. I know this is a small world and people do bump into each other, but with all the time I have spent with you, it would be better if we never see each other again. I say this because I do not want to recreate the feelings that I had when you were around.

I hope you understand that this is the best road for both of us to take.



33 thoughts on “Break-Up Letter (To Writer’s Block)

  1. Wow that was an amazing letter!! A different take on writer’s block,very different from anything I have read before.And might I add,You speak for all of us here 🙂
    Hope the break up’s not to messy,and we get the chance to read more from you 😉

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  2. Loved this. But not too thrilled that the little pest will now be on the market for a rebound. Let’s hope he doesn’t get as far as the UK..

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  3. Really HILARIOUS!!! Now, now, why did you break up with him? It is your fault then, it is on my side and we have a relationship lol 😛 Now I have to write another break up letter to it. Too bad for Writers Block, always had its heart broken lol 😛

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  4. Hmmm…I was the one who gave her your address.

    I had grown a beard so I thought a handsome dude like yourself could be a nice company 😉

    Now, I hope she finds someone nicer 😛

    Reshared it on social media. Great job.

    Love and light ❤


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