If You Are Reading This

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Today’s activity involves us writing from the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt. Ha! Piece of cake.

Many Pieces Actually
Many Pieces Actually

I have been writing from prompts my whole life.

Well, not my whole life but my whole blogging life.

Well, actually, not even my whole blogging life. Some of the posts are my own thought, some are inspired, some are… What I mean to say is that I have written on the basis of many blogging prompts. (See, this doesn’t sound as fancy. The “whole life” thing was so cool!)

This prompt comes from the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Community Service

Now, I know you guys would be lazy and wont click on the link to find out what the prompt is so I will write it here. (Don’t blame you, actually—would have done the same if I were in your place).

The prompt says
Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

Okay, then. *inhale*

Alright, then. *exhale*

No pressure at all. Everyone I know is going to read this and I feel no pressure at all. *breath deeply*

Deep Breaths
Take Deep Breaths

Are you kidding me? Everyone I know is going to read this?!

I am anonymous, how did you find my blog? How did you know I even write a blog? How did grandma know how to use the internet without calling me twice? So many questions, none that can be answered but I just have to go on writing.

First up, Mom, Dad, I have to tell you something. I write a blog. I know it is pretty obvious now that you are here and reading it but I don’t want to have a conversation later where you tell me that I never tell you what I keep doing in life.

Great, now that that’s out of the way…

Oh wait! There is one more thing – To my family. If you decide to read a few other posts in the blog they might contain words such as…, well words after which you would generally try to wash my mouth with soap.

Clean The Filthy Mouth
Clean The Filthy Mouth

As surprising as it may seem, yeah, I know them.

To my colleagues, if you happen to find a post here where I wrote something about not liking people at work, rest assured it’s not about you. It’s about those IT guys in the bottom floor. Unless, you are the IT guys from the bottom floor, in which case, it is totally about those guys in my floor.

Apparently, my neighbor is also reading this. Obviously, using my wi-fi. Yes, I know—I just don’t change the password because of decency and the fact that I have an unlimited data plan. By the way, you should know that I can access your searches (yes, even the incognito mode ones). Also, your dog is really loud.

Oh! If you are the pretty girl who stays above me, that paragraph was not for you and your cat is totally not loud, especially at two o’ clock at night.

My friends who happen to be reading this, all I would like to say is—nothing. Go, sod off! You all forget to invite me to parties and then come here to read my blog? Go away! (But seriously, invite me next time, okay?)

So, to all of you, as you can see, I am internet celebrity now even though I am anonymous. I mean, I manage to get a humongous total of 10 likes on my posts (Well a few them have managed to reach 10).

So, stick around and read more of my posts and have fu…

…Where are you all going? I write well. Okay, slightly well. Fine, I spew out nonsensical words.

Come back, please! I will get better. I promise.



Unfair Habit of the Sore Eye

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

The whole street had, finally, been encamped by a dreary lull. Even someone who might have been there ten minutes before, would have found the place to be unfamiliar and eerie.

Christmas was always like this. One minute the whole place was buzzing with shoppers and the next second it was silent and cold. It was the shopkeeper’s paradise in sales and a hell in work effort. For Lionel Macias things weren’t different.

His chocolate shop was considered to be the best in town and his renown did not end in his city alone. During Christmas, he would receive orders for delivery of chocolate for places too far away to reach. Work would commence months before the actual festival so that there remained no shortcomings when the day finally arrived.

He almost finished cleaning his collection from the display case when a boy walked into the store. The boy looked like he was considering to buy something from the store but his clothes spoke otherwise. His T-Shirt looked like a dirty grey rag which could easily have been used to wipe the floor, and probably at some time was used for the exact purpose. His pants were tattered, torn in enough places to have lost most of its purpose—to cover the legs. Unless he was an actor straight out of a Christmas play, he had no business being in the shop.

‘We’re closed,’ Lionel said. He did not want to get into a verbal spat with a homeless boy. It was Christmas Eve and he was very tired.

‘Are you going to throw them out?’ he was pointing at the basket of chocolates Lionel was about to carry inside.

‘I am going to store them in my refrigerator.’

‘Can I… Could you… Would you be kind enough to give one to me?’ the boy said.

Lionel looked at him with uncertainty. ‘Why?’

‘I am hungry.’

‘Listen, I don’t run a charity here. Plus, it’s not like one would satisfy your hunger anyway.’

The boy looked dejected and hung his head.

Lionel felt a bit sad for him. He took one piece out of the basket and kept it on the counter top.

‘Here,’ he said. ‘Take this. Because it’s Christmas.’

The boy rushed to take the chocolate in his hand. He cupped it like a prized possession and rushed out.

‘Wow,’ Lionel muttered under his breath. What an ungrateful guy. What was it with him and chocolate? He can’t afford decent food and he had come asking for chocolate. What did he assume – getting one chocolate will change his way of living? What a naive kid.

Lionel shook his head and went back to closing his shop.

A few hundred meters away the boy in tattered clothes entered an alley. The walls on both side provided protection from the cold winds of the night.

He walked to the dead end where another child, younger than him, was lying under bare protection of worn out blankets.

‘Wake up,’ the older boy shook his brother awake.

‘What is it?’ the younger boy looked up irritably.

‘I met Santa.’

This got the little boy’s attention. ‘You did?’

‘Yes, and asked me to give you this,’ he opened his hand to reveal the chocolate he had just acquired. ‘This is the one you wanted, right?’

‘Yes,’ the younger boy quickly attacked the prize. ‘Did Santa tell when mom and dad will be back?’

‘Yes, he said we have to wait for a few more days. Till then, you can have the chocolate.’

The little boy started munching on the chocolate. ‘Merry Christmas,’ he said between bites.

‘Merry Christmas,’ his brother replied as he hugged him.

Inspired by Nina Karadzic’s post in her blog In Noir Velvet

There was another blog (looking at you Sincerely, Hil) which gave me an idea for a story but that one I will keep for the non-masked version of me.

Note: I hadn’t written a serious fiction for the blog in a long time and thought to do it today. Would like to hear what you think about my interpretation of Nina’s words (after all, short writings can mean so much) or even my story, in general.

A Field Day for Commenting

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Internet comment section – A place to voice an opinion nobody really cares for, to argue with people you don’t really know, about topics that you don’t fully understand.

It has even managed to make the smelly, old monster living under the bridge in the old fairy tales seem like a very likable person.

Trolling Before it was Cool

Thankfully, most problems related to comment section have been taken care of by WordPress by giving the bloggers to moderate their comment section.

This brings us to daily task of Blogging 101. If you are following this blog regularly (Pfft – high chance of that happening) and were wondering why I am not posting about daily task every day, it’s not because I am skipping them (stop being judgmental – I already have my dad doing that for me). There are a few tasks which have to be done in the background and I chose to not write about them.

Anyway, so the daily task is asking us to comment on a few blogs which we have not visited before – 4 blogs to be precise – and then write a post about those topics/pages/blogs.

Here are my pick for the Top 4 in no special order

Number 4: Sincerely, Hil

This is a post about why she chooses to print out her photos in the age of digital photography. It helped me get inspired for a short story. So this is specially great.

Number 3: Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies

In this post Anand describes how cumbersome this whole ordeal of opening our laptops/PC and moving around a few fingers—which hardly burn a calorie—to get our work done can be. It sounds easy but trust me, it’s not. Plus, he is hilarious. There is so much to learn from him.

Number 2: In Noir Velvet

It would have been a sin to not include this. If you ever thought you need lots of words to convey something, you should really take a look at this blog. I am absolutely astounded by how much can be said in 6 words. Although, I like most of the posts in the blog – I chose to comment on the most recent one. Check it out.

Number 1: A Narcissist Writes Letters, to Himself

This blog is my personal favorite and also the first blog which compelled me to click the follow button. I am a miser in that aspect. Poetry with humor at its finest. Plus, he picks topics which one might think to be a taboo and yet present it in a humorous fashion (dark humor it’s called, I think), plus points for that.

There are a variety of different blogs out there and I hope to learn something from all of them. Anything which can give me a new outlook for any writing style – serious, dark, humorous. I am planning to gain a lot of knowledge through blogging.

New Things Every Day
New Things Every Day

Lets see how much of that can actually happen.

Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!

For The Ideal Audience

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Well played Blogging University, well played.

For the Daily Task for Day 4, we have to write a post keeping in mind our ideal audience, and to top it all introduce a new-to-me element in the blog.

It’s all good and all but what if your ideal reader happens to be just about anybody who is unfortunate enough- ahem, I mean blessed enough to stumble across your blog page. What happens then? Who do I address the post to then? Huh?

As for the new-to-me element, that part is easy. I have been meaning to write a poem on my blog for quite some while; I think I will do just that.

So, to sum it all up, a new type of post but written in the same way as to address my “ideal” audience.

Same but Different
Same but Different

So, then I guess I will just have to try my hand at funny poetry. I know; I will write a haiku.

I do not write poetry a lot, let alone haiku, so do not expect much. Plus, I am trying to put humor in it, so… I really don’t know.

heavy rain
dam break revealing
rolling tears

Damn it! I wrote something serious!

Let me try again.

martyr cemetery
cold wind whistles
last breaths

It’s not working! This one was serious again!

I guess, it’s really tough to write a funny haiku. Given the fact that I am not good with poetry anyway, I guess it would be tougher for me.

I guess this will have to do for now. I will try to write a funny poem (Yes, I have dropped down a bit from funny haiku aim, seeming it cannot be done) and one day I will succeed.

Till then, from one writer to another – WRITE ON!

PS – If you happen to know a funny haiku. I would like to read it.

And So It Begins (Again)

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde

It is with this thought, I began the blog which you are currently on. A couple of months and 25 or so posts since the origin, the plan SEEMS to successful enough. Obviously, as is with everything in life, some ideas have changed.

To give a background to what’s happening in this post, let me tell you about Blogging 101.

In short, it is Daily Post’s way to help us get started with blogging and I finally pulled myself together and forced myself to register for it.

*cue to give a round of applause*

Round Of Applause

You don’t have to be as creepy about it, though.

Anyway the thing is, I had already started and the first task is to introduce the blog.

So, what now? – I hear you ask. Nothing. I just have to write myself another introduction.

Once again, I would like to mention that this blog is not topic driven, it is to write about anything and everything that comes into the twisted mind of mine.

Evil Laugh
Evil Laugh

The other reason for the existence for this blog could be cited as follows

  • To talk about things not generally talked about
  • To experiment with my writing style
  • To, generally, make you laugh, or at least smile. (Sometimes there will be serious stuff in here as well and if you laugh at those then it’s your call. It would be utterly creepy but still your call, nonetheless.)
  • To write about ideas that I have that don’t fit into any of my short stories or my novels
  • To, basically, write about anything and everything (so, I am open to suggestions, if you have any)

So, to put into perspective. It is going to be fun here (I hope), and it my have perspectives you might not necessarily agree with. So, ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL! (But if you do choose to enter, the door’s unlocked)

As for who I am. I am the person of the night. I am the one who is sitting next to you in the coffee shop, or behind you in the bus. I am the one who opens the door and I am the one who knocks.

The One Who Knocks
The One Who Knocks

I am everywhere, yet I am nowhere. I am an observer. I am the silent guardian, the watchful protector. I am going on with this longer than I should, so here it is… I am The AnonymouSTalker!

I choose to remain anonymous so that my blog is not affected by my fame in real life, and vice versa.

I am going to take this chance to coin a catchphrase for my blog. I think I will use it in my non-fiction posts from now on – From one writer to another, WRITE ON!