Your Move

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt Retrospective

What are people striving for in life? What is it that they ultimately want to achieve?

People offer various answers when you ask them these questions. Some claim they want fame, others want money, some want to be able to return to their blog after months of not writing in it and expect to get the same level of response that they once used to get (Is it so much to ask?)

Where did everyone go?

But in the end, if you break it down, people are looking for control. To reach a state in life where they have power over what happens to them. Look back to anything being done around you and you will see that in some aspect or the other, it is true:

  • Why did Nelson Mandela suffer in jail? He wanted people of his country to have control over themselves
  • Why did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? He wanted a degree of control over long distance communication
  • Why did Hitler commence a World War? He wanted control…. Er, you get the point

That brings us to the next thing. What if we give people that they want. Give money seekers a winning lottery ticket, give fame seekers Instagram followers, give meditators a quiet place to be. Does that solve the problem that each one of us is facing?

Not exactly!

Because all the things that we are seeking are what we believe are means to give us power and control over what happens to us but that is not entirely true. So, once people achieve these things, they realise that there is more that they can have and start seeking out more control.

From what you have read so far, you probably think I am going to soon start talking about how we should not obsess of the materialistic things and live life in a void with no wants but that is akin to being empty inside.

Empty Box Zoom
Welcome to the VOID

In fact, I am here to stress the complete opposite.

People look at things which they believe give them control and follow it blindly. If you do that, Jack the Ripper had a better sense of purpose than you have.

Not Fair
Hey! I have better morals! (Maybe)

The point is that we as human beings get in a comfort zone doing what we are doing and do not think why we are doing it. We abandon things that we really want to do just so that we get – at times – a false sense of control, which we ultimately realise is insufficient. Things change and over a course of time, we realise that there are things that we can’t have back. And ultimately when we look back at all our effort, even though we might have enjoyed what we did, we might come to realise that there were things that we abandoned that need not have been left untouched.

The Pursuit of Happiness is not fulfilled by just rushing ahead and not looking at either side. If it were so, it would be called Horse Derby of Happiness

Horse Race
I will be happy if I reach the end

Yes, it is important to get fame, money, glory, safety, etc. but it is also important to not lose sight of other things that you want to do along the way.

I always thought that whenever I need an idea to write something in my blog, I could always go to the Daily Post‘s Daily Prompt and get some inspiration but, alas, upon my return to WordPress, I found that they have stopped putting up Daily Prompts. Now I will have to dig into their archives and search for random words like Retrospective and think about writing something, all the while not even getting enough people directed to me from their page.

So, that brings me to the final part of this blog.

Was this entire post about me being sad of having not utilised the Daily Prompt to get more internet readers for my anonymous blog posts? Or was it an actual satire for what we fail to do in life?

Cheeky Bastard
What can I say? We are who we are!

I will let that be a cliff-hanger as you control what you choose to make of it.

But till next time, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


It’s a Goal

In response to Daily Task of Blogging University’s Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Blogging 201 has asked us to set three goals for our blog and be specific about it.

Being specific is not really my cup of tea, or any other beverage you might prefer. (See what I mean?)

I mean, what is a response you would give to ‘Are you tired?’ – Typically, a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. This is my response to the question:
Well, I am not tired per say, but you could think of it as mental exhaustion which has manifested itself into a physical form. Although, the pain in my back is probably from the weights I lifted earlier – I think I messed up my form – but what truly is bothering me is this slight headache…
You get the drift.

The fact that I managed to set three specific goals is actually a big task achieved, you see.

  • Blog three times a week – This might seem a little odd if you look at my blogging history, because you will notice that I blog almost daily – AS OF NOW. I see a lot of work coming my way in the future and I just want to set a goal beforehand to not let myself be lost in the work and completely lose track of the nice thing I have going here.
  • Turn my feature into a challenge – I have a bi-weekly feature which runs every alternate Tuesday (the next one being tomorrow). In it I write a story in 140 characters, the exact amount of characters allowed in a Twitter post (ironic since I don’t even use twitter). After it has run successfully for four months. I want to turn it into a challenge – so that others can participate in it as well. While I am at it, I might also consider making it a weekly feature.
  • Continue to mix genre – If you take some time out to visit my posts or even look at my blog, you will see that I have an array of topics that I write about. And even in that I try to write as different as possible. The thing is, the blog is a learning experience for me – in the sense that I am learning from all the different blogs here. So, that I can incorporate it into my own writing and become a better writer as a whole.

That were the goals that I have set. I tried to be specific but it is still a little vague, I can see that; but it is better than what I always do. And since you have stuck around for this long. Here’s a bonus goal that I have set.

  • Continue to remain anonymous – I won’t lie. It is sometimes tempting to reveal my identity so that people can who I really am, or so that my friends can know that I write a blog but I had always decided to keep this as a separate entity, so I am making it a goal to do so. At least for two more years. See now that was specific, sort of…

Nice of you to stop by and read my goals. Now I am bound to do all of these things just because you have laid your eyes on them. That’s how it is with goals. I hope you are there to see me fulfill them, and hopefully have some fun along the way as well. Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!

I Write, I Live, I Write Again

In response to Day 1 Task of Blogging University’s Writing 101: I write because…

Let’s try something. Read the next part slowly.

Imagine that you are standing in a large green meadow. In the distance, a part is covered in a white layer of daisies. It is like a great white blanket; but as you move closer to it, you begin to distinguish separate flowers. You get close and pluck one flower out and as soon as you do that, you can see a white cow with black spots levitate to you from a distance.

The cow speaks in a low pitched voice, one that of a female human being, ‘You have done a grievous crime, you shall be punished.’

You laugh at the absurdity of events but only manage to make the cow angry. Its eyes become red and almost instantly shoot a laser near your feet. You begin running away, trying to save your life, but the cow continues to chase…

What do you think? – That this was the most nonsensical piece of writing you ever read? – Yeah, well that’s true, but I wasn’t asking about that.

You’ve probably been to a meadow before, you might also have seen daisies, but you definitely would have never seen a floating cow shooting laser. And yet… Yet you managed to imagine the whole thing. All of it!

This is why I write.
It helps me see things I have never seen before, travel to places I have never visited, and most of all get to live the life of people I will never be.
It doesn’t stop there. Once I have experienced those things. By reading something I have written, other people can experience that as well. Isn’t that amazing?

Writing is like magic. With mere words you can make people experience, feel, emote, see, touch, smell, hear…

Writing is Magic
Writing is Magic

And let me tell you something. Even though some people claim different, all writings are meant to be read. That is why in the world today, blogs provide a great medium.

Write a story – People will read it.
Write a journal – People will read it.
Write about cows shooting laser – And people will still read it!

Even when people wrote their diaries, they addressed it to be read by someone, sometimes the diary itself. But that is the point of art, isn’t it? It is meant to be shown.

It is only when writing is meant to be read does the true emotions start flowing.

Just Words
Just Words

And to me, writing is not just about giving. It is about receiving as well.

Receive praise, receive experiences, receive criticism, receive knowledge, receive as much as you can. That way the next time you write, you would only be able to give back that much more.

Writing is such an important part of my life that to describe why I write just leaves me short of words. And yet, I feel I don’t have the right words to describe it at all.

Every one has one life to live. Through writing, I  manage to live several in that one.” – Me

I hope writing inspires in you as much as it inspires in me. Until next time, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


That Stinging Sensation

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.”

If this were true then we would all be reading the Monster Book of Monsters that Hagrid used as reference material for his Care of Magical Creatures course.

Although, I do agree the essence behind Kafka’s words. We read book that stings us.

Well, if they are talking about the book stinging since there were many mistakes in writing then the last such book I read was… the first draft of my next novel. (But that is what first drafts are all about, right? They are supposed to suck)

But, if it means in a way in which it has moved me and left me with a scar, then the last book I read such would be… still the first draft of my next novel. (Yes, I am sociopath enough to say that)

Although, I do believe there is still a long way to go for my work to come in the leagues of the books that leave a great stinging sensation.

I remember the first time I felt it – the death of Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Final Problem’ (The book, of course, not the BBC Series). I didn’t know then that Holmes has faked his death and was eternally devastated.

Although, Doyle gave into public pressure and brought Holmes back from death (which I would never have), I did learn that to make a great book, we have to bleed on its pages. Not literally—that would just spoil the pages and smudge your words.

It goes without question that the best book of this type that I have come across remains ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’. There might be books better at being ruthless but I have not come across them yet.

Sometimes, though, the characters don’t need to die for the words to sting. Sometimes the characters just have to feel raw human emotions. Take Nicholas Sparks for example. Although, I have only read one of his books—True Believers (Anything with a romantic theme sets me running for cover in underground shelters), I did realise why immensely popular his writing is. His characters are human. They are a part of a society and they act just that way. And when the characters then emote, they seem to be a part of us.

So, whatever way you choose to write make sure the words sting, because a sting sticks on.

Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


Tattoo or Not Tattoo…

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Tattoo….You?

When I was in fifth grade, we had newly started using pens instead of pencils to write in our notebooks. It was in those early days, an ink pen broke and spilled it’s ink all over me and my clothes. Needless to say, my clothes, my notes and obviously my hands and arms were all covered with ink. It was at that moment, I decided never to get ink on myself again; and so far I have succeeded.

Sure, when I decided not get ink on myself, I did not mean it in the sense of not getting a tattoo but the idea of getting something permanently etched on my body does not enthrall me.

Plus, what if there is a typo in there? Not like you can press Ctrl + Z. ‘I am sorry we just etched “Fart Minor” on your biceps by mistake.’

It’s not that I will never get a tattoo done. I mean, I am totally against it right now but I don’t know the future. (Any psychic or clairvoyant in the house?) That being said, there are few tattoo fads that I would never get into.

Names. Of anyone, with special mention to name of girlfriend (or as internet calls them – bae). Who knows what might happen in the future.

Quotes. I know I want to inspire people but not by making them stare at a quote (probably written by a teenager on the internet) plastered on my neck. If people want to read stuff, they can go buy a book.

Matching Tattoo. Tattoos that make sense only when you have the other half, which is probably half around the town. Or not interested in seeing your face again. (Read Names again)

Bands/Books/One time internet sensation. Things don’t stay popular for ever. Enough said.

There are so many more, but I will stop now. Although, there is this image I found on the internet where CollegerHumor answers the question — “Should You Get That Tattoo?

This Could prove useful in a dilemma, if you are in one.

Although, I do promise to get a tattoo done, whenever Batman gets a tattoo done on himself. (Yes, I know he is a fictional character. No, the condition still stays.)

Till then, from one writer to another – WRITE ON!

Your Wish is My Command

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Lucky Star and Three Coins in the Fountain

In an undiscerning age such as ours, people seem to want everything instantly. They want money, but aren’t willing to work for it as much. They want to be talented but aren’t willing to put in that much effort to learn. They want, but aren’t willing to wait.

In a time like this, getting a wish granted is probably and apt solution for all the woes of people.

The thing is whenever I hear about wishes being granted, I always think about the story Monkey’s Paw. You can ask for a wish but it might not turn out how you wanted.

Keeping that in my mind, here are the wishes which I would like to ask for.


  • People become more tolerant of things. This is like asking for World Peace but that seems to be a temporary solution. A new matter would arise, differentiating people on the basis of something new entirely. If people become more tolerant of each other, most problems in the world would be solved right there.


  • I remain motivated to do my work. Instant money, instant fame etc. can only go so far. I want money, I want fame but in all honesty, I want to work to get all that. I have already done it in a smaller scale and I know that getting something after putting effort into it is much more fulfilling than getting instant gratification.


  • I really do not have a third wish, as of now, so in a normal scenario I would save the wish for later; but if hard pressed to make a wish I would ask for the ability to learn quickly and store that information indefinitely. There is so much to learn in this wide world of ours, that it is estimated that in a life time, one cannot learn all things presently available. A chance to learn all those things at a quicker pace would be much more fulfilling than asking for the entire knowledge at one go. Chances are that entire knowledge of the Universe would be so profound that one might not even comprehend it at one go, resulting in an explosion of head. Literal, mind blown.

I do not see the use of getting to the end, without having experienced the journey in the first place. That’s like asking for a vacation to end, before it has even begun.

That Distant Aunt’s Child Day

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Familial Feasts

While growing up, every once in a while (sometimes more than that) there happens to be a time when everyone is faced with a talk with the parents where they are told to do better than they are currently doing in life. This could range from anything in between performing better in studies to being more sporty or even sometimes just being better behaved in general.

And every time one is told to do any of those things which seem so exasperating, there is always this one thing which parents bring up which seem to further make sour the mood the child was already in; and that is draw comparison to that distant aunt’s child (whom we have probably not met for a long, long time).

“Look at Sophie. She always gets straight As.”

“Your aunt Reena’s son is a national champion in swimming.”

“His child sat quietly as we talked. Not once did he disturb us.”

And every time they are told to do better so that they could be comparable to that distant aunt’s son or daughter.

And everyone has been influenced to do great things because of them. Whether or not it actually worked still remains to be deciphered but they have been a part of everyone’s lives, nonetheless.

So, figuring that these relatives have such an important role to play in everyone’s life, it is obvious that there should be a day dedicated to them.

What should be done on this day, I hear you ask? That I leave for you to decide.

I for one would search for the person and find out if he is as great as my parents told him to be. Chances are he would be out searching for me for the same reason as well.

The Amazing Spider Man

So, I was watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and it seemed quite nice throughout. The camera work was good; the acting was up to the standards and most of all the VFX was nicely handled. Overall I liked the movie quite well but there is this one thing about the story line that bugged me (pun intended).

Now, I know it is a super hero movie and there are things present from which you have to leave out a certain amount of logic and suspend some belief, but this thing really stuck to me as not possible in any scenario. I mean, I just don’t think that there is any possible way in which I can see a teenage science nerd use Bing!

Nobody uses Bing. Not even the creators of Bing use Bing anymore. Just TRY saying this with a straight face, ‘Oh! I don’t know this, just let me Bing it up.’

Public Transports

Public transports. The commodity which people rarely use nowadays but every time you board one you fall in love with a totally new stranger.

I think that concept of public transport is receding very quickly. The government is trying to redesign the concept of public transport by implementing AC buses and such to make more people travel by buses and I totally support that. In fact, I think more people should take public transports. Apart from the entire environmental conservation thing, it also gives you a chance to see pretty strangers who you begin to like which in a way promotes world peace or something, possibly.

Old Enough

I was walking down a corridor, when I overheard a person talk to somebody on the phone and he was telling him/her, ‘you are not old enough.’

This led me to think, when exactly does a person get old enough? People say it is at the age of 16, some disagree and say 18 is the age when you are actually grown up and some say 21 is the age when you are actually mature enough to think. Even then there restrictions to what people can do at certain ages.

So when exactly ARE you old enough? And this is the best answer I could come up with.

You know you are old enough when you do not want to grow older anymore and rather curse yourself to want to grow older in the first place, because being a kid is the best!

I would really like to know more perspective on what people think is old enough for them.