Tuesday Twitter Verse: School

First day after summer.

‘Mom, I don’t want to school,’ she pulled the cover over her head.

‘You have to.’


‘You’re the teacher!’

Tuesday Twitter Verse – A story in 140 characters
This week’s word: School



Tuesday Twitter Verse: Question

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

Bruce Lee

“Every time we talk, you ask me so many questions. No more questions from now. Got it?”

“Sure,” he said. And then after a pause—“But, why?”

Tuesday Twitter Verse – A story in 140 characters every alternate Tuesday.
This week’s word: Question

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Tuesday Twitter Verse: Almost


Soon his name will be forgotten; his face all but a blur. He stood on the victory stand with a fake smile.

His time: 9.98 s
Gold: 9.97 s

A bi-weekly feature of a story written in 140 characters.
Will be featured on every alternate Tuesday, starting today.

This week’s word: Almost

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