Let Me Be

In response to Daily Task of Blogging University’s Writing 101: The Space to Write

Where do I like to be when I write? – Huh? That is a tough question. (Well, actually it’s not but every time somebody says that, it feels like they have thought a lot about the question posed)

The answer: I like to be in my head when I write.

I have developed a habit of zoning out of things in my vicinity when I get to work. It started long time ago – almost around the time Archimedes discovered the Archimedes’ Principle. I realized that a naked man running around the street is too much to handle, so I decided to zone out of the ruckus and concentrate on my writing.

What? – You don’t believe I could be that old? – You believe in Stephenie Meyer’s vampires but have a hard time believing this? – Suit yourself. I will zone you out too.

You Are Zoned Out
You Are Zoned Out

Anyway, what I basically want to say is I don’t really care where I am writing. I can get into the deep trenches of my mind and ignore whatever happens around me. That does NOT mean I don’t get distracted when people come and talk directly to me.

I mean, it’s just annoying when I am minding my own business sitting in a coffee house and a random person walks up to say – ‘Oh! So you’re writer? Nice!’
Yeah, well, it was; until you showed up to disturb me.

Or when I sit in the comfort of my home and the landlord comes up to say – ‘Your rent is due. Make sure you have it tomorrow.’
I will get to it. Writing does not exactly pay pretty well.

Or when I am sitting at the side of the road and a random person walks up to me and says – ‘Hey, you got a little of them drugs?’
No, I don’t! Now get lost!

Okay, fine. I agree the last one was partly my fault, but you get what I mean. I can write anywhere, as long as nobody talks to me directly.

As for what I use. I prefer to use my laptop but it’s not like I carry it around everywhere, mostly because I am worried people might get to know about the songs I downloaded illegally and I don’t want to go to prison. If you think I could pay for bail… Well, why do you think I had to download songs illegally in the first place?
If that does happen some day, I do hope they don’t put me in the same cell as the ones convicted for Heavy Metal downloads.


If I am prepared to write outside of the comforts of my home, I carry a notebook along with me (the old fashioned one, not the machine). If not, I carry a pen lest I get an inspiration. Then I just use any piece of paper I can get my hands on. Isn’t that why all restaurants and bars have tissue papers in the first place?

That was all about my way of writing. Now, it’s up to you to decide what I write in the future. At least, that is what Writing 101 wants us to do – give power to the reader! So here is your chance to shine, readers of my blog—however limited you all may be—cast your votes!



13 thoughts on “Let Me Be

  1. Hi, I face the similar problem while writing, intact even worse, I have to shut down the external distractions completely to be able to write (Maybe a sign of ADHD..:) anyways there are a few ways I use to reduce distractions. I set daily and weekly goals. If you’re brutally honest about what you have and have not achieved, you may find yourself working productively. The best way to overcome these – or any – writing distractions is to be aware of what your downfall or weaknesses are. And, resolve to be strict and disciplined with your writing life. The only way to succeed as a writer – freelance magazine writer or bestselling novelist – is to discipline yourself to write as often as possible.

    Hope this helps.


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  2. I’m not easily distracted either, much to the chagrin of my friends and loved ones who have trouble getting my attention sometimes! Good old paper and pen work for me too. Even with a smart phone with me all the time, I’d still rather write it down and type it up later.

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