The Wait

I was a waiting for a friend to turn up for lunch and she was late.

So, technically, I was stuck in a place filled with strangers; with nothing to do except stare at the menu and think up of my order (which I had already done, what seemed like, hundreds of time already) and occasionally stare at my phone because that is what social protocol entails you to do.

You would think it would be easier for us to talk to strangers being such highly intelligent, social and evolved species as we are but NO. If you are in a restaurant waiting for somebody, society wants you to stay in a desolate area and feel awkward.

It does not help how the waiter keeps staring at you either.

He has that look of pity which says – ‘Aww! Looks like someone has been stood up’; mixed with a look of displeasure and anger which says – ‘You better order something before you leave here!’; with a slight hint of as-a-matter of fact attitude which says – ‘You are blocking up the table for actual paying customers, you know?

And to deal with the same look every time he comes to fill your glass of water (which you just keep drinking more out of nervousness than thirst) is just horrible.

On top of that, you realize after a point that all that water intake which you just did makes you want to go to the but you cannot, since you fear that if you leave your place unoccupied for even a second, the waiter will give it away to somebody else waiting outside.

Really makes we wonder what is actually the right way to be when waiting for somebody.



2 thoughts on “The Wait

    • I have really forced myself to talk comfortably with anybody in the vicinity. It helps if the person seems as helpless as I am. It’s socially unconventional and awkward at times but I do it anyway.

      People are generally pleasantly responsive but I have been shunned off once. Incorrect reading of situation maybe.


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