Cells on a Plane

Boarding done and a long flight ahead, I was bored already. I waited patiently as the flight attendant explained how to correctly put on my seat belt and how to blow into the life jacket in case of an emergency water evacuation.  Sometimes I am just confused as to why I look at these instructions every single time, then I look at the cute air hostess and realize why.

Soon, we had reached the part where the flight had started to make a head way towards the runway and I was really bored. I really needed to do something crazy, so I looked around for inspiration. I see the guy next to me typing something on WhatsApp on his phone. Ah, WhatsApp! How it has changed things around us.

So, anyway, I look at him and he is really engrossed in what he is doing and that’s when I decide what to do.

‘Excuse me,’ I called him in what would normally, in a non-flight situation, be considered as an average decibel volume and looked at him wide eyed. ‘She said, all electronic items to be switched off.’

‘Yes, yes, in a while,’ he was definitely startled but I had not had enough yet.

‘Are you crazy?’ I raised my voice and widened my eyes even more. ‘She said it will hamper the communication of the aircraft. It is about safety of all passengers. Switch it off. You will get us all killed!’

The guy turned redder than beetroot and immediately switched off his cell phone. I maintained a constant gaze of bewilderment as he did so. I controlled my laughter really hard and I had to do it even more because from the corner of my eyes I could see some other passengers take out their cell phones and switch it off as well.

That made my day and satisfied my hunger for craziness for the rest of the journey too.


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