Childhood Sweetheart

Inspired by Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: First Crush

I have always wondered why the person you feel attraction towards is called crush.
By my experience, they are aptly named – because they crush your heart and rip your soul before leaving you to be all by yourself in the blight of loneliness.
Then again, I might be overthinking it and it could just be called so because the person makes your stomach crush in excitement.

Overall, I believe everything with a crush feels like an achievement.

Isn't that Sweet?
Isn’t that Sweet?

My first crush was a childhood friend of mine, who we will name Taylor, because I feel like her alias would be Taylor. No, I don’t happen to have a crush on some other girl named Taylor. She just looks like what someone named Taylor might look like, okay? Don’t make it so complicated—Geez!

So, Taylor and I were good friends. I wouldn’t say we were really close but she was one of the few girls who I regularly talked to. Everyone thought she was pretty and liked her style, while I thought she was the bane of my existence. You see we teased each other A LOT. We would not let a single chance go to waste. And yet, at the same time, we were close enough to have discussion of our future.

Hey, I was in middle school, what would I know about my future. But I still did talk to her about it.


As we grew a bit older, people around us started to get into relationships and a lot of guys asked her out and she refused. Not that she was waiting for someone specific. Even if she was, it wasn’t me – so don’t get your hopes up. (Also, SPOILERS: The story has an anti-climatic end, so stop reading now if you are expecting something to happen)

So, where was I? – Oh yeah! So a lot of my friends got into a relationship and kept asking me if I liked some girl as well. And if I did, I should ask her out. Well, Taylor was pretty and I did like her in a very innocent way, so I told my friends that I liked her. BAD MOVE!

You know how kids are, right? Word spread and few guys who had gotten rejected by her came up to me probably looking for a fight.

Hey, you want to get punched?

Stay away from her.

She is mine.’

And to all of that my reply was “I don’t care”. Except the first question about getting punched. To that I obviously replied – “No”.

I kept talking to her and it felt like things were going well. I even felt a little connection going on.
But soon I had to transfer to a different school in another city and I couldn’t keep in touch with her.

When I did go back to the city, I found that my so called friends had been teasing Taylor about her boyfriend, me, which had eventually led her to despise me when I had not done anything in the first place. She talked to me but in a very superficial way and possibly thought me to be a creep for spreading rumors about her. (Told you the end was anti-climatic)

Not a Creep
Not a Creep

So, yeah, that’s how my story with my crush went. Albeit, it was more interesting in reality but I tried to describe a big chunk of my life in a blog post of less than 700 words. What do you expect?

If I do meet her again, I would like to explain that things weren’t how it seemed. And I hope she understands that it was my friends who spread the rumor, not me. And although, there is a slim chance of it happening, I would also like to talk to her like the old times. I was not very much attracted to her either, just more than the other girls around. (On second thought, I think I will skip telling her the last bit)

So, do you have a similar first crush story? Would really like to read it. And until next time, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


3 thoughts on “Childhood Sweetheart

  1. I like it. You should skip.
    You are back at it my friend. I liked this post better than most others. Comic sense and timing, maybe it was missing because of some other reasons. I loved that supermarket post and now this one too. We all have different tastes so maybe other readers did appreciate other posts too.
    I feel you should let it go. No need to explain anything anymore.
    Still, I hope she reads it. ❤

    Happy weekend.
    Anand 🙂

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