Make a Still Life

Poetry prompt: Write a poem that describes an object. Use no abstraction, only image. Be as literal as possible. Pick up the object (if you can), look at it from as many different angles as possible. Consider its color, its weight, its texture, its material and write up a picture!

In my hand I hold
an object made of wood.
It is slim in shape
and if you want you could

Use it to fill colour
on a paper or canvas.
It even has hair on it,
like thorns on a cactus,

Which you can dip
in water to make it wet
and then make the picture
as pretty as it can get.

The hair I just mentioned
forms its crown.
Its body is smooth and
coloured dark brown.

By now I hope you can
see the object I hold.
I tried to make the image
very vivid and bold.


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