This fictional story is in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Style Icon

‘Mr Ali, with this we come down to the last question I will ask you,’ Jason Todd from the HR team of JP Morgan Chase seemed like he knew exactly where to probe each candidate and with years of experience he had interviewing people, it was probably true.

Shahid Ali smiled at him and confidently said, ‘Sure, please, go ahead.’

‘I would like you to ask you to describe what you would call your personal style,’ Jason said.

Shahid confidently smiled and began, ‘My personal style is a bit unconventional. I like to work hard to achieve my goals and most of the time, I feel that the quality matters. In all honesty, I would submit an assignment a day late than submit a sub par work. Although, it has never happened. I like to achieve things quickly and am willing to work hard for it. There are times when I have to make moral choices to achieve those goals and I have no apprehension in choosing one which, normally, people might consider morally inferior. This does shock a few people when I admit it so openly but that is just how I am. Keep in mind though, I will not stoop low enough to go against MY own beliefs of communal harmony. That is how I would sum up my style.’

Shahid leaned back and gave a big smile which showed he knew he had nailed, or he would have done so if he had provided the answer as that but he merely let it stay in his mind.

‘Mr Ali, should I repeat the question?’ Jason’s voice snapped Shahid back to reality.

‘Umm, no, sir,’ he said. ‘My style is that I am hardworking and team-oriented.’

Jason waited for Shahid to continue but when he did not Jason rose up to his feet, ‘Thank you for turning up for the interview, Mr Ali, we will inform you the result in a couple of days.’

‘Thank You, sir,’ Shahid sheepishly shook his hand and left the room cursing himself to no end.


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