Old Enough

I was walking down a corridor, when I overheard a person talk to somebody on the phone and he was telling him/her, ‘you are not old enough.’

This led me to think, when exactly does a person get old enough? People say it is at the age of 16, some disagree and say 18 is the age when you are actually grown up and some say 21 is the age when you are actually mature enough to think. Even then there restrictions to what people can do at certain ages.

So when exactly ARE you old enough? And this is the best answer I could come up with.

You know you are old enough when you do not want to grow older anymore and rather curse yourself to want to grow older in the first place, because being a kid is the best!

I would really like to know more perspective on what people think is old enough for them.


3 thoughts on “Old Enough

  1. That’s a very good question in my opinion I don’t believe there is such a thing as “old enough” even as you get older your still faced with things your still not old enough to do. Like you have to be 65 to move in you dream retirement home.


  2. Interesting perspective from you. To me, old enough is when you can fully bear the consequence of what may come, and so, old enough is relative to the thing. For example, if you are old enough to own a house, you are fully capable of handling its finances, manage its logistics, and perhaps the people living in your house.


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