A Field Day for Commenting

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Internet comment section – A place to voice an opinion nobody really cares for, to argue with people you don’t really know, about topics that you don’t fully understand.

It has even managed to make the smelly, old monster living under the bridge in the old fairy tales seem like a very likable person.

Trolling Before it was Cool

Thankfully, most problems related to comment section have been taken care of by WordPress by giving the bloggers to moderate their comment section.

This brings us to daily task of Blogging 101. If you are following this blog regularly (Pfft – high chance of that happening) and were wondering why I am not posting about daily task every day, it’s not because I am skipping them (stop being judgmental – I already have my dad doing that for me). There are a few tasks which have to be done in the background and I chose to not write about them.

Anyway, so the daily task is asking us to comment on a few blogs which we have not visited before – 4 blogs to be precise – and then write a post about those topics/pages/blogs.

Here are my pick for the Top 4 in no special order

Number 4: Sincerely, Hil

This is a post about why she chooses to print out her photos in the age of digital photography. It helped me get inspired for a short story. So this is specially great.

Number 3: Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies

In this post Anand describes how cumbersome this whole ordeal of opening our laptops/PC and moving around a few fingers—which hardly burn a calorie—to get our work done can be. It sounds easy but trust me, it’s not. Plus, he is hilarious. There is so much to learn from him.

Number 2: In Noir Velvet

It would have been a sin to not include this. If you ever thought you need lots of words to convey something, you should really take a look at this blog. I am absolutely astounded by how much can be said in 6 words. Although, I like most of the posts in the blog – I chose to comment on the most recent one. Check it out.

Number 1: A Narcissist Writes Letters, to Himself

This blog is my personal favorite and also the first blog which compelled me to click the follow button. I am a miser in that aspect. Poetry with humor at its finest. Plus, he picks topics which one might think to be a taboo and yet present it in a humorous fashion (dark humor it’s called, I think), plus points for that.

There are a variety of different blogs out there and I hope to learn something from all of them. Anything which can give me a new outlook for any writing style – serious, dark, humorous. I am planning to gain a lot of knowledge through blogging.

New Things Every Day
New Things Every Day

Lets see how much of that can actually happen.

Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!