The Jump

In response to Blogging University’s Writing 101 Daily Task: A story in a single image

I stood there on the ledge and looked down again. How many times had I stood there before? – I had lost count of it all, I believe.

The street looked busy as ever. Cars rushed past not giving a care in the world about a man standing on the ledge of an overhead bridge. I never could tell if they did not see or they chose not to.

The street light in a distance flickered. It was doing that a lot for the past few days. It would flicker for a while and then all at once turn off. It did come back to life an hour later but till then it would leave the area beneath in darkness. Although, the street could never be in complete darkness with all the light coming from the oncoming traffic and overhanging billboard sign.

Nobody ever stopped and wondered why the light was off. They just accepted it was. People were always in a hurry, and it’s not that they are to be blamed for it. Had I been in there place, I doubt I would have noticed it as well. I don’t have any right judge any of them.

The city never sleeps – it’s said. And the more I look at it from the top of the ledge, the more I believe it to be true. The windows in the buildings lit up with people in their home going about their daily activities, probably getting ready for bed – something which I believe I would not be experiencing.

I looked down again. It was quite high. Falling from here meant certain death but I don’t think I was scared of that. I could feel a slight tingle in my head. It was time to jump – I had to do it.

I stood up straight on the ledge and took a deep breath. Even with my body completely covered, I could feel the cold wind blow. For some reason I could tell it would rain in a few hours. The tingling sensation was getting stronger. I had to jump. No matter how good the view seemed, I had to take the leap.

And when the tingle got just a little stronger, I jumped.

I jumped and folded my fingers in a way I had done so many times, that the action was now involuntary. A string of web shot out of my hand and stuck itself to a building. I quickly grabbed hold of it and swung down just inches above the cars. It was always a thrilling experience, no matter how many times I did it.

My spider sense had been bothering me for quite a while and I knew I had to go and save the city, but nobody said I can’t have a little fun while doing it.

The Amazing Spider Man

So, I was watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and it seemed quite nice throughout. The camera work was good; the acting was up to the standards and most of all the VFX was nicely handled. Overall I liked the movie quite well but there is this one thing about the story line that bugged me (pun intended).

Now, I know it is a super hero movie and there are things present from which you have to leave out a certain amount of logic and suspend some belief, but this thing really stuck to me as not possible in any scenario. I mean, I just don’t think that there is any possible way in which I can see a teenage science nerd use Bing!

Nobody uses Bing. Not even the creators of Bing use Bing anymore. Just TRY saying this with a straight face, ‘Oh! I don’t know this, just let me Bing it up.’