Tuesday Twitter Verse: Almost


Soon his name will be forgotten; his face all but a blur. He stood on the victory stand with a fake smile.

His time: 9.98 s
Gold: 9.97 s

A bi-weekly feature of a story written in 140 characters.
Will be featured on every alternate Tuesday, starting today.

This week’s word: Almost

(Hey! You can always try your hand at the word as well. Go ahead and leave me a ping-back, if you decide to do so. Would like to read it.)


And So It Begins (Again)

Activity of Daily Task from Blogging 101

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde

It is with this thought, I began the blog which you are currently on. A couple of months and 25 or so posts since the origin, the plan SEEMS to successful enough. Obviously, as is with everything in life, some ideas have changed.

To give a background to what’s happening in this post, let me tell you about Blogging 101.

In short, it is Daily Post’s way to help us get started with blogging and I finally pulled myself together and forced myself to register for it.

*cue to give a round of applause*

Round Of Applause

You don’t have to be as creepy about it, though.

Anyway the thing is, I had already started and the first task is to introduce the blog.

So, what now? – I hear you ask. Nothing. I just have to write myself another introduction.

Once again, I would like to mention that this blog is not topic driven, it is to write about anything and everything that comes into the twisted mind of mine.

Evil Laugh
Evil Laugh

The other reason for the existence for this blog could be cited as follows

  • To talk about things not generally talked about
  • To experiment with my writing style
  • To, generally, make you laugh, or at least smile. (Sometimes there will be serious stuff in here as well and if you laugh at those then it’s your call. It would be utterly creepy but still your call, nonetheless.)
  • To write about ideas that I have that don’t fit into any of my short stories or my novels
  • To, basically, write about anything and everything (so, I am open to suggestions, if you have any)

So, to put into perspective. It is going to be fun here (I hope), and it my have perspectives you might not necessarily agree with. So, ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL! (But if you do choose to enter, the door’s unlocked)

As for who I am. I am the person of the night. I am the one who is sitting next to you in the coffee shop, or behind you in the bus. I am the one who opens the door and I am the one who knocks.

The One Who Knocks
The One Who Knocks

I am everywhere, yet I am nowhere. I am an observer. I am the silent guardian, the watchful protector. I am going on with this longer than I should, so here it is… I am The AnonymouSTalker!

I choose to remain anonymous so that my blog is not affected by my fame in real life, and vice versa.

I am going to take this chance to coin a catchphrase for my blog. I think I will use it in my non-fiction posts from now on – From one writer to another, WRITE ON!