Pointless Abbreviations

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Game of Groans

Warning: The following post is rated TV-MA L. It contains strong sarcasm and is intended for mature audiences. Reader Discretion is advised.

I have written about this before and I am writing about it again.

Why? – I hear you ask. Well, because I simply admire the way language has evolved into the filth *coughs* — I mean, the wonder it is today.

After various trial and errors, English Language evolved into a form which is seen and used today. I am not talking about language we learn in the grammar classes in school. I am talking about the type which everyone uses while texting.

It all started many years ago, when the cell phones had only just become a common man’s necessity. Some wise-ass decided that the devices should be used to send small memos (which we commonly know as text messages nowadays). The best idea which this person had was to restrict the world limit to each sent text.

This, combined with the fact that we had to punch a button three freaking times just to get the letter ‘I’, led us to believe that it would be better to just abbreviate words and cut out on unnecessary letters while having a conversation.

It was not Easy
It was not Easy

I wish I could find those kids who started off with this trend. They definitely deserve a big slap *clears throat* – I mean, thank you. After all, “OMG! It’s just 2 kul!”

The world evolved into a place where character restrictions no longer remained a problem – except on twitter (which, by the way, is also so amazingly cool) – and the typing changed to qwerty mode in almost all phones but THANKFULLY, people did not drop the cool lingo.

I think about the future when the civilization looks back and sees immortal phrases such as

‘ikr! Ur lyk totz my bae’

‘Lulz. K.’

and the best of them all,

‘mah lyf, mah rulz’

The last one does not even involve shortening a word. It in fact, makes it longer than before. Who would write my, when one can write mah, amirite?

I am glad people don’t write complete sentences anymore. Even though, sometimes, it gets tough to follow the conversation but who cares about having a nice talk when one can be stupid *ahem* – I mean, fancy!

Lets Talk

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

‘I really don’t know what to say,’ Hector looked around for inspiration. ‘I mean, I did say I can talk about anything at any given moment but you are just asking me to talk.’

‘That’s the point,’ Regina bit her lips and smiled as she felt a sense of victory. It was not frequently that she caught Hector off guard. ‘Anybody can talk about a given subject. The real challenge is to talk about something random, something out of the blue. Basically, nothing at all.’

‘This is preposterous,’ Hector was ready to give up but he still kept looking around the place to talk about something interesting. ‘What good would it do if I ramble about something ordinary?’

‘No, no, no. You are not getting it. You are not supposed to ramble. You are supposed to make it seem fun and interesting.’

‘Let’s talk about you,’ Hector said.

‘Me? What? Why me?’ Regina was clearly caught off guard and it was Hector’s turn to smile as the victor.

‘You said I could talk about anything. I choose to talk about you.’

Regina composed herself and looked at him straight in the eye, ‘Alright, then. Do it. Talk about me, but make it interesting and fun. That is the condition after all.’

‘Alright,’ Hector had really believed that the prospect of him talking about her would make her stop.

When he said that he would have no problem in talking about anything, he was trying to prove a point – that he would be a great news reporter. He sighed and looked at Regina’s daunting face. He would probably have to go with it.

‘Fine. Let’s begin,’ he paused and took a deep breath. ‘Regina. Whenever I hear this name, I automatically associate it with craziness. What can I say about you that you already don’t know? I mean, if there is one person who I know that I can talk to and  can say for sure would not be glum no matter what I say, it would be you. There have been times when I have wanted to call you but did not and sometimes I regret not doing so, because, even though you might have no clue what problems I may have had, by the end of our conversations, you still would have managed to get a smile out of me.

‘This time that I am spending with you may probably not seem like such a big thing to you but it is one of the most precious time of the day for me. It’s not just me who feels this way; it’s nature too. I mean, look at the wind. The way it likes to play with your hair and push it onto your face when you are talking…’

‘What happened why did you stop?’ Regina was clearly not expecting to hear what she had heard.

‘I have talked a lot already, you said two minutes. It’s up,’ Hector smiled.

‘At least complete the sentence of wind, and my hair.’

Hector sighed. ‘Alright. The way wind likes to play with your hair and push it onto your face when you are talking because even the wind knows that you are going to talk crap and that you better stop!’

‘What? You’re such an asshole!’ Regina hit him with her hand bag but Hector just laughed.

The Daily Prompt went “Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

I would like to mention the author’s name here but it might spoil it for someone who is trying to venture a guess. 

Awkward Conversations

There have been multiple times when I have been introduced to someone and I immediately forget their names, which is not a big deal because people are introduced to each other every time and they tend to forget each other’s names as quickly as they heard it. The problem actually begins when the person remembers your name and talks to you every single time you happen to pass by each other.

Now, hoping to come off as not rude and arrogant you talk back but all the time hoping that you never have to use his name in the conversation.


But then I got introduced to social networking sites and everything changed!

Now if I am confused about someone’s name I search them through a mutual friend or ask them to send me a friend request and Voila! Problem solved. I know the person’s name.

Thank you social media! You changed my life forever!