Cell Phones

A day went by in which I did not use my mobile phone, because its system had corrupted. It felt like life had stopped and something was incomplete. Made me realize how much we are dependent on mobile phones. Think about it, from the alarm clock in the morning to playing fruit ninja in boring waiting lines, mobile phones are everything people had never expected them to be.

Makes me think about a quote I read, “I miss those days when I could just go to a party and push somebody in the pool and not worry about the person having his mobile phone in his pocket.”


The Zombie Block

So, I seemed to have entered some sort of writer’s block. Some sort of writer’s block I say because it is not entirely the lack of creative ideas which is turning out to be a problem. The real problem lies in my sheer and utter lack of will power to do more physical activity than shifting my laptop from one position to another so that my neck does cramp while I lie on my bed and browse through the internet.

I think the internet has had this effect on most of us. The zombie apocalypse which everyone has been preparing for is somewhat misread. It is the internet which is causing us to turn into this lethargic beast which aimlessly wanders the boundless paths of the world wide web much like the zombies which we have imagined to be aimlessly wandering the boundless paths of the world. Also, much unlike the zombie equivalents we do occasionally search for some matter which could help us sustain our half dead – half alive state.

Think about it, if zombies could talk and after hours of wandering around on the street you happen to catch one and ask, ‘what were you doing?’, what would the response be?

My guess is it would say, ‘nothing,’ same as what your response would be after aimlessly browsing through the web trying to make sense of your living.

The True Apocalypse

I can make many more comparisons as to how the human race is wrongly equipping itself to fight zombies. Guns and ammunition aren’t going to help if all of us just stick to browsing through internet. So, get your ass up and get motivated to deal with your life while I do the same and remember that we can’t give in…

…er, I will continue with this later, I just saw a post on my phone about 12 facts about kitten that will blow my mind. I really have to see it!

That Distant Aunt’s Child Day

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Familial Feasts

While growing up, every once in a while (sometimes more than that) there happens to be a time when everyone is faced with a talk with the parents where they are told to do better than they are currently doing in life. This could range from anything in between performing better in studies to being more sporty or even sometimes just being better behaved in general.

And every time one is told to do any of those things which seem so exasperating, there is always this one thing which parents bring up which seem to further make sour the mood the child was already in; and that is draw comparison to that distant aunt’s child (whom we have probably not met for a long, long time).

“Look at Sophie. She always gets straight As.”

“Your aunt Reena’s son is a national champion in swimming.”

“His child sat quietly as we talked. Not once did he disturb us.”

And every time they are told to do better so that they could be comparable to that distant aunt’s son or daughter.

And everyone has been influenced to do great things because of them. Whether or not it actually worked still remains to be deciphered but they have been a part of everyone’s lives, nonetheless.

So, figuring that these relatives have such an important role to play in everyone’s life, it is obvious that there should be a day dedicated to them.

What should be done on this day, I hear you ask? That I leave for you to decide.

I for one would search for the person and find out if he is as great as my parents told him to be. Chances are he would be out searching for me for the same reason as well.

Awkward Conversations

There have been multiple times when I have been introduced to someone and I immediately forget their names, which is not a big deal because people are introduced to each other every time and they tend to forget each other’s names as quickly as they heard it. The problem actually begins when the person remembers your name and talks to you every single time you happen to pass by each other.

Now, hoping to come off as not rude and arrogant you talk back but all the time hoping that you never have to use his name in the conversation.


But then I got introduced to social networking sites and everything changed!

Now if I am confused about someone’s name I search them through a mutual friend or ask them to send me a friend request and Voila! Problem solved. I know the person’s name.

Thank you social media! You changed my life forever!

The Amazing Spider Man

So, I was watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and it seemed quite nice throughout. The camera work was good; the acting was up to the standards and most of all the VFX was nicely handled. Overall I liked the movie quite well but there is this one thing about the story line that bugged me (pun intended).

Now, I know it is a super hero movie and there are things present from which you have to leave out a certain amount of logic and suspend some belief, but this thing really stuck to me as not possible in any scenario. I mean, I just don’t think that there is any possible way in which I can see a teenage science nerd use Bing!

Nobody uses Bing. Not even the creators of Bing use Bing anymore. Just TRY saying this with a straight face, ‘Oh! I don’t know this, just let me Bing it up.’

Public Transports

Public transports. The commodity which people rarely use nowadays but every time you board one you fall in love with a totally new stranger.

I think that concept of public transport is receding very quickly. The government is trying to redesign the concept of public transport by implementing AC buses and such to make more people travel by buses and I totally support that. In fact, I think more people should take public transports. Apart from the entire environmental conservation thing, it also gives you a chance to see pretty strangers who you begin to like which in a way promotes world peace or something, possibly.

Old Enough

I was walking down a corridor, when I overheard a person talk to somebody on the phone and he was telling him/her, ‘you are not old enough.’

This led me to think, when exactly does a person get old enough? People say it is at the age of 16, some disagree and say 18 is the age when you are actually grown up and some say 21 is the age when you are actually mature enough to think. Even then there restrictions to what people can do at certain ages.

So when exactly ARE you old enough? And this is the best answer I could come up with.

You know you are old enough when you do not want to grow older anymore and rather curse yourself to want to grow older in the first place, because being a kid is the best!

I would really like to know more perspective on what people think is old enough for them.

In-flight Queue

Airplanes! How they have made lives so much more convenient. Commuting from one place to another has never been quicker. It has almost become a necessity nowadays. So much so that everyone tends to travel by it to save time and why shouldn’t they? It is so much faster than other modes of transport.

Now, I understand the fact about people wanting to rush to their destination but there is this one thing which people do that really annoys me. They start getting up from their seats as soon as the aircraft’s wheels touch the ground.

I mean, really? Just where are you going with all the doors and windows closed and lavatories out of bound; to the cockpit to give the pilot directions?

And then, as soon as one person does it, everyone just goes with the flow and forms a queue. As if the airplane would just take all of them back to their previous destination if they do not get out in time.

‘Excuse me,’ a voice beside me asked as the plane touched down on the runway. ‘Aren’t you going to get up?’

The man was already standing, or at least as much as a man of his height could when he is stuck in the middle seat.

I turned to face him as much as I could in my aisle seat without making it awkward and replied as-a-matter-of-factly, ‘I will. As soon as it makes any logic for me to stand up in a moving plane which has all doors closed and seat belt sign still on, I will. Or when the plane comes to a complete halt and people can actually leave the aircraft, then. Whichever happens first. You will have to wait till then.’

The man just looked at me and sat down without uttering a word.


The Crisis Crunch

In response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt: In a Crisis

Most of us in our lives have been in a crisis situation. What those situation might be could range anything from forgetting to do laundry and realizing you have run out of clean clothes to wear, to actually being in a life threatening situation such as a car crash. In any case, we know that in these situations we have to think of ideas which are considerably better than our best.

If we ask ourselves how we would like to believe we handle the crisis in our head, we would all like to say that we would be calm headed and quickly think our way out of the situation.

What We Want to do in a Crisis

But let’s be honest, none of us can really think like that in a crisis situation. Most of the times we are lost and panicking and have no clue whatsoever for what seems to be going on around us.

What We Actually do in a Crisis
What We Actually do in a Crisis

The point here is that we all want to achieve the levelheadedness that we so desire but cannot since every time we are stuck in a crisis situation, we do the one thing that we are not supposed to. We panic!

Now, I am not being all preachy and saying I don’t do this. I do too and that is all the more reason that I want to write about it.

I have averted a lot of big and small crisis in my life and I have realized that being spontaneous in these situations generally does not require you to have a ready wit, or an amazing improvisational skill. These things do help but what is more important is ones preparedness for the situation.

Sure, there are somethings for which we cannot prepare and for that we want ourselves to remain calm when such a situation arises. That, I have found, is the best way to handle a problem.

Having said all this, I would like to confess that I know all the theory there is to deal with a crisis but seem to be having a difficult time facing this one.

The Real Problem
The Real Problem

And the thing is, the more I look around the more I see the same problem with most people. People do not seem to be motivated to do much.

I am yet to figure out how to handle this crisis but this time, I will try to keep myself level headed and calm. I am sure I will figure it out soon.

The language of SMS

So, I see this post up on facebook by a guy who is clearly using, what we term as, SMS lingo.

It went something like this –

“Usin mah Nokia express music yet agin, d new 1’s r ol down wid fvr… :P”

It is irritating enough when people try to abbreviate unnecessary words. I would really like to track one of these people down and ask them what they do with ALL that extra time they save by abbreviating the words. I mean barring how displeasing it looks some of them, like using ‘mah’ instead of ‘my’, does not make even a slight bit of sense. You are adding another character god dammit!!

The worst part, though, was when this other guy had commented on his status correcting his grammatical error.

“  *new 1s r ol… ”

If there was ever a face palm moment, this was it.