Hue and Me

Ever had a feeling of being inside a painting? And not the dull ones. No, not those. I mean like the ones that have a lot of colour and vibrant hues. You know, the ones like Leonid Afremov makes. Yup, those types. Well, if you haven’t felt something like that, you haven’t seen fall in its true glory.

Everywhere you look, there are shades of orange, red and yellow, lined across. You can walk down the street and the wind would blow across your face. Not the harsh kind which makes you mad, but the slow soothing type. Almost like the wind is trying to lull you into a deep slumber.

Occasionally, you step on the dried leaves that are fallen on the ground. Just to hear them crunch under your feet… isn’t it almost divine? And as you lift your feet, the crumpled pieces of the leaf float away into the air, as if you have freed them from their captivity.

The smell of hot beverages being made coming out of almost all the houses that you pass. It’s simply intoxicating.

It doesn’t get better than that, does it? Well, for me, it does.

I walk over to a tree in the park, where I know she would be there; waiting for me under the tree, like she always did. I don’t walk up to her directly. No, I don’t want to rush and miss the sight. I just look at her for a while.
She sits there reading her book; absolutely clueless that the person she has been waiting for, is standing behind her. She even has two cups of coffee. I can almost smell the contents – Pumpkin Latte. Of course, it’s that. She wouldn’t miss a chance to get that, ever.

As I keep watching, a stray broken leaf  lands on her flowing, black hair. I guess, even the leaf couldn’t resist touching something as perfect. She brushes it off gently. I could almost feel the pain the leaf might have experienced, but sometimes things aren’t meant to be – the leaf would have to learn that.

I walk up to her and as she sensed me approach, she turned around with a smile. A smile which could, indeed, make even the colourful season seem dull. I sit next to her and look at the cup.

‘What is it?’ I knew perfectly well what the answer would be but I had to ask.

‘Pumpkin Latte,’ she had a wicked smile on her face.

‘You know I don’t like it, right?’ I say. ‘It tastes weird.’

‘Well, you know that I am going to make you drink it anyway, right?’ she says. ‘Even if it tastes weird.’

I sigh and gently slip my hand into hers. With the other one, I grab my cup and take a huge sip.
She knew that I wouldn’t say no to her. I knew that as well. It’s not that I wouldn’t. There was something about her that made sure I couldn’t, and it wasn’t just because it was going to be the last fall we would experience together.

Inspired by a post on fall I read in the blog  – thebrunetteinthepinkscarf


13 thoughts on “Hue and Me

  1. To The AnoymouSTalker,

    Are you regretting saying, “shred it” now? 🙂

    First of all, thank you for reading my post about Fall, and being inspired to write one of your own. Your post reads like the beginning of an epic story between two people meeting possibly for the first time. You captured the essence of Fall so eloquently. You succeeded very well, I might add.

    Secondly, you took your time walking up to her, not rushing, taking in the moment. It was as if you wanted to pause and never forget how you felt, how she was, right there, at that time. It was that pivotal time where you knew that whatever came next, was life defying. That is what fall(ing) is, is it not?

    Lastly, you drank a beverage that you clearly do not like. But you did it because it was a favorite drink of the girl you were falling for. It made her happy. Perhaps, this was not the first time you met her, but this was how and where it first happened. “The last fall we would experience together” – That was where they both fell for each other for the first time. It was their last falling for someone experience because they were together (dare I say it) forever, after the first one.

    I hope my interpretation is correct, although I do have a couple more. But I have rambled enough. Perhaps you are used to it by now. 😛 Hopefully my comment will help other readers understand that it most likely was not their last fall (season) together. It most likely is not what happened, but what is going to happen. Maybe. There was, after all, a reason for the ping back, on the post about Fall.

    So terribly sorry for this long comment, didn’t realize it was this long until I got to this word. But felt I needed to respond and not just ‘like’…the ‘like’ button could not say all of this.


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