It’s a Goal

In response to Daily Task of Blogging University’s Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Blogging 201 has asked us to set three goals for our blog and be specific about it.

Being specific is not really my cup of tea, or any other beverage you might prefer. (See what I mean?)

I mean, what is a response you would give to ‘Are you tired?’ – Typically, a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. This is my response to the question:
Well, I am not tired per say, but you could think of it as mental exhaustion which has manifested itself into a physical form. Although, the pain in my back is probably from the weights I lifted earlier – I think I messed up my form – but what truly is bothering me is this slight headache…
You get the drift.

The fact that I managed to set three specific goals is actually a big task achieved, you see.

  • Blog three times a week – This might seem a little odd if you look at my blogging history, because you will notice that I blog almost daily – AS OF NOW. I see a lot of work coming my way in the future and I just want to set a goal beforehand to not let myself be lost in the work and completely lose track of the nice thing I have going here.
  • Turn my feature into a challenge – I have a bi-weekly feature which runs every alternate Tuesday (the next one being tomorrow). In it I write a story in 140 characters, the exact amount of characters allowed in a Twitter post (ironic since I don’t even use twitter). After it has run successfully for four months. I want to turn it into a challenge – so that others can participate in it as well. While I am at it, I might also consider making it a weekly feature.
  • Continue to mix genre – If you take some time out to visit my posts or even look at my blog, you will see that I have an array of topics that I write about. And even in that I try to write as different as possible. The thing is, the blog is a learning experience for me – in the sense that I am learning from all the different blogs here. So, that I can incorporate it into my own writing and become a better writer as a whole.

That were the goals that I have set. I tried to be specific but it is still a little vague, I can see that; but it is better than what I always do. And since you have stuck around for this long. Here’s a bonus goal that I have set.

  • Continue to remain anonymous – I won’t lie. It is sometimes tempting to reveal my identity so that people can who I really am, or so that my friends can know that I write a blog but I had always decided to keep this as a separate entity, so I am making it a goal to do so. At least for two more years. See now that was specific, sort of…

Nice of you to stop by and read my goals. Now I am bound to do all of these things just because you have laid your eyes on them. That’s how it is with goals. I hope you are there to see me fulfill them, and hopefully have some fun along the way as well. Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


14 thoughts on “It’s a Goal

  1. It’s a wonderful read.

    I feel someone must know that you blog by now.

    Are you completely a mask?

    Then, that is a great achievement. Since when you start blogging?

    Have a lovely week my friend

    Anand 🙂

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  2. I am at the other side of the wording spectrum. When I answer questions I tend to leave out a lot of details, so I have to make more of an effort to paint the picture. Good luck with your goals and anonymity (I thought I made this word up, but it’s real because google said so)!

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  3. Wonderful goals! 🙂 I like the bonus one best because when all of us want to just create an identity through our blogs/social media, you want to stay behind the scenes. Literally. I couldn’t probably do that myself. I guess I’d end up spilling some stuff about me somehow or the other. 😛

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    • Oh, I spill stuff about myself now and then, but nobody can do much with that information.
      And I don’t want you to get any wrong image about me. I am not a person who does not like fame. in fact, I am quite a sociopath.
      But, I knew that if I write a blog with my name a lot of people would come and follow it. Mostly, just because of my name (I saw it happen when I joined quora).
      I wanted people who were genuinely interested in my writing to be here. Hence, the alias.

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  4. Hey fellow anonymous blogger. This post was ace. I really like the sound of the 140 character story challenge- I’d def be up for getting involved in that. Have you really done this for two years without telling anyone? I’ve been going two weeks! One post I’d love to see – and maybe you are well placed to write it- is how to grow an anonymous blog. All the blogging advice bangs on about the importance of using your social networks but that’s not an option for me given the nature of the content and that I want to stay faceless.. X


    • It’s a little over a year, actually. WordPress recently awarded me one of those small trophies in the notification bar. Lol.
      Although I am not sure how well placed I actually am to write it. I will consider doing it.
      I rely a lot on wordpress itself to make my posts reach out to other people. Social media could be an option if you manage to make an anonymous twitter handle and a facebook page by the same name, but I am not too keen to do that for my blog.


      • Yeah, I made a Twitter account but need to start using it more. Can’t face having another facebook account! Well, if you do write it I’d love to read if and if you don’t no worries. Enjoying your posts anyway!


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