The Annoying List

In response to Blogging University’s Writing 101. Task for Day 2: Make a List

With so many things to learn in this huge world of ours, whatever we learn seems less. Every time I learn something new, I realize that there is so much more to explore. And yet, listing down the things I HAVE learnt is so annoying.

Here’s a list to show some of those.

a. Monday is always irritating – I have learnt to accept Monday as it is. It will be annoying and hectic and will always induce those butterflies in the stomach. I thought that it will go away after I move on from school. Little did I know, Mondays will always be the same.

Every Week
Every Week

b. People WILL honk their horns – How many times have we been stuck in traffic and people have honked their horns when the light is CLEARLY still red? For me it is too many to remember. As much as my road rage builds up, I have realized that there will always be that one smart ass who I will want to say – ‘Fly over my car if you can, asshole!

Road Rage
Road Rage

c. There will always be people who abbreviate words – People who read my blog post regularly will know that I hate to see words abbreviated unnecessarily. But there are times when people will do that. There will be that one odd guy who uses ‘u‘ instead of ‘you‘ or maybe ‘lyf‘ for ‘life‘.
I accept it. And from my side, I make sure to delay the response by exactly double the amount of time he/she might have saved while typing lesser letters. Take that!

My Reaction
My Reaction

d. People will walk slow in front of you – This happens especially when you are in a hurry. So, the best thing to do is to start early but if you do find yourself stuck in situation like that, there is a passive aggressive way to go about dealing with things. You could step on the heel of their shoe and act like it was a mistake. Generally, twice should be enough to either make their shoes come off, so you can walk ahead or they let you simply walk ahead.

Warning – Don’t try to do this on people who walk slow because of physical handicaps. That is just crazy and insensitive and would actually get you beaten up.

e. Email Spam will exist – Whether it is a Nigerian Prince on his death bed claiming to be giving you his complete fortune, or a magical pill that can make you thin in a day. There will always be email trying to scam money out of you. Don’t click on the link, don’t send a mail back, just grin and press delete.

Just Press Delete
Just Press Delete

f. Video Game lag happens – To all the gamers out there, you know what I am talking about. Lag happens and just when you are about to knife your opponent in his back. You can blame the lag once, maybe even twice but do it always and you will be branded a sore loser. Sometimes, it is better to accept that you lost than blame it on lag.

giphy (5)

h. Life will feel over – There will be times when you will feel that there is no point of existence anymore. Everyone falls to this pit some time. For most, it happens when you finish a good book or an awesome TV series. But what can we do? Get up and start again, that’s what. Find new things to do. Life is not over. Try watching another series. Go ahead!

Try to Get Over It
Try to Get Over It

i. Mistakes happen – Life is meant to be a learning experience. Even if you decide to stay at home and do nothing, you will make mistakes and you will learn from them. There is no need to worry about it if people notice. Sure, if you are in high school try your best not to make mistakes but as you get older people accept it. Most of the times, it’s just in our head and most people don’t even notice till you point it out by saying that you forgot to add the point ‘g’ in the list.

j. Life Goes On – No matter what you do. No matter what happens around you. No matter what people say. Life goes. You might try to hide in the corner of your basement and try to accept the fact, but it won’t change. You are happy but life will go and make you sad at some point, and then it will continue to go on and make you happy again. Just go on with it and live it to the fullest. That’s the best thing you can do about it.

Just Live and Enjoy
Just Live and Enjoy

These are just a few things that I have learnt happens. There is so much more that I have learnt in life but one has to stop somewhere. You wouldn’t want to read my complete life story now, would you?

I will be here again tomorrow with another prompt. Till then, from one writer to another, WRITE ON!


21 thoughts on “The Annoying List

  1. I wish I could take your list and staple it to the head of a friend of mine. He seems convinced that no one else on the planet has to deal with these annoyances and the universe has conspired to inconvenience and annoy just him.

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  2. This is the best Annoying List ever! Would you care to go to all of my old bosses and inform them that mistakes do happen. Also, let them know they even make mistakes. (I am sure you would receive a very puzzled look upon their face) …Please?! Oh, yes! One more thing – capture a mental image of their expression and reenact it for me, over coffee. 🙂

    The question you pose has the same answer to the following question: Is the sky blue?

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  3. There’s so much to say but to condense it all, I would have to say this is VERY relatable, especially the part when people walk slowly in front of you. It’s so painful to have to travel in halls behind them, much less a small stairwell.

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  4. Your list made me laugh to the point I had to share it with my husband so he wouldn’t think I was (totally) crazy. Your attitude is one we all would benefit from!

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