Six Word Story: Passion

At that moment, nothing else existed

Six Word Story Challenge by Ben Nicholson of A Hopelessly Wander Mind.

This week’s theme: Passion



13 thoughts on “Six Word Story: Passion

  1. Good one. I wonder if pointing to a dictionary is not making a hint that you might be using alternative meanings. It might also make interpretation open, but honestly I feel you are supplying more than you should. Dictionary meanings are part of your post now.

    Just my honest opinion. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

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  2. Hmm.. interesting. I looked at the post from various angles. Can’t think of a right words though to explain my thoughts about it. Every once in a while, we come across something that challenges out thinking, and your post had that angle. Nonetheless, nice post. Looking forward to be further amazed.


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  3. I think I just morphed into butter, sliding on a hot piece of toast.

    Meanwhile, at the restaurant, “Excuse me, waiter, may I have ‘that moment’ please?

    Rebuttal: She wanted that moment, with him.

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