Six Word Story: A Tricky Situation

‘Cute couple,’ strangers said. Siblings blushed.

Prompt generated by Nicola Auckland of Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

This week’s prompt: Write about a tricky situation

Linking it to her results page because I missed the deadline.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Story: A Tricky Situation

  1. That is a tricky situation! Not one I’ve been in myself I’m happy to report.

    Thank you for being inspired by the prompt, please come back next Saturday for the next one. I’d love to read the story you come up with for it.

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  2. This happened to my son and daughter. He is three years older than her, and when he drove her to high school on her first day people thought they were dating. They were not amused. (But their dad and I laughed and laughed.)

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