A Pill for Food

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

The following is an excerpt from how my diary would look like if I happen to find a pill to fulfill all my nutrition requirement for the day

Dear Diary,

7.28 am

I almost committed a murder today. To be fair, it was not my fault—it was for self defense. A weird, long bearded man was sitting in front of my bed when I woke up. I punched him right across the face. How was I to know that he was a wizard from another dimension? I did apologise to him afterwards but I doubt he will forgive me till his black eye exists.

So, anyway, he gave me a magic pill which would provide me with all the nutrition I would need throughout the day. Given the amount of food I consume, I did doubt the legitimacy of the pill. But, the wizard kept insisting that it would work—even for a man who is perpetually hungry throughout the day—and asked me to take it.

Once that was done, he walked out of the door; which makes me question highly if he really was a true wizard—because real wizards tend to teleport.

11.04 am

It is actually working! I haven’t felt hungry yet. Normally, by this time I would have had my breakfast, twice, but I didn’t feel the need for it today.

Maybe he truly was a wizard. I underestimated his powers.

Imagine what I can accomplish today with no need to cook or to spend time eating my meal or to clean up after I have eaten. I can get so much work done.

5.21 pm

I binged watched the entire season of House of Cards. With no need to get food or water, it became all the more easy. I did not have to get up even once after I had found that perfect sweet position on the couch.

House of Cards
House of Cards

Although, I did ruin my chance to get so much of my other work done.

Not to fret. The pill is supposed to work for 24 hours; I still have time. I will get my work done now.

7.26 pm

I finished watching Kingsman.


It was amazing. Colin Firth is just splendid to watch. Not to mention Michael Caine and—

I am still not doing any work! This is just a waste of a perfectly good magic pill.

Maybe I should go for a walk. That can change my mind and freshen me up a bit.

9.01 pm

I ate slice of cake. I know I already had my complete dose of nutrition for the day but it was chocolate and I thought dessert doesn’t count, right? Plus, the pill made me full but it did not have any taste. How can I enjoy food when I do not receive any taste that comes along with it.

Slice of Cake
Slice of Cake

I don’t feel guilty at all. If I could, I would have another slice. In fact, I think there is one in the refrigerator. I will have that and get to my work.

12.31 am

I sat down to do my work and wrote down a few things in the spreadsheet when I remembered that new Deadpool Trailer was out and I hadn’t seen it yet. What harm is one video, right? Well, I don’t know how I reached here but I am currently reading about the mating habits of koala bears. I think that’s enough of internet for today.

I am feeling really sleepy now.

The pill was no use. I didn’t get any work done more than I would have on any other day. In fact, I did less work. I am never going to take that pill again.

Note to self

Never trust a wizard who you find staring at you when you wake up.
Truly speaking, he was very creepy. I don’t even know how long he was staring at me before I woke up; could have been hours, for all I know. (Although, he did claim to have been there only minutes before I woke up).


11 thoughts on “A Pill for Food

  1. An interesting take on it! I observed how to took fantasy diversion instead of taking science route. 🙂

    The spacing in your text, graphics and writing make me feel so comfortable with your writings. I guess we have a lot in common. I had a great penchant for acting and drama in childhood but I was supposed to be a nerd and it didn’t fructify–whenever I acted my friends applauded me a great deal–I don’t know if it was genuine–but I fancy a talent for acting 😛

    I would ask for feedback on one play I wrote in 2011–I wrote it in three hours and didn’t edit it much. It runs 3000 words plus. I would request feedback in Alumni forum and tag you and other friends.

    I understand you are busy–so please skip most of it and read Scene 5 directly, only if you’re free and feel like doing it. I have not written much fiction, leave alone plays. I don’t know if that qualifies as a play but whatever it is I would like to hear your ideas on it. Especially because you are a real dramatist. 🙂

    I would be indebted to your kindness 🙂



    • I never back down on a good read.
      I will definitely try to help out as much as I can with this. More so, it would be amazing to have a discussion about it. The thing with plays is it grows on discussion, unlike the other form of writing which grows on introspective editing.
      Much like the introvert and extrovert article you wrote. They aim to achieve the same goal yet the path to it is different.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I agree. I am very insecure about what I wrote as it was the first attempt and I had no experience–maybe I poorly tried to imitate Shakespeare without having really read him in the first place. I would share it now and request for feedback



  2. I know the pill that he gave you didn’t help , but if the wizard comes by again and just happens to give you a pill to crush chocolate cravings, please send him on over. I won’t punch him.


  3. Love it, when i initially read this daily prompt i thought most people will fall into the “matrix” self questioning dilemma, very refreshing 🙂


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