Ice Cream Shop

The other day at lunch break, the AC broke down
It was getting really hot, so I drove into town.
I wanted some ice-cream, I needed to cool;
For too long had I relied on that man-made tool.

I saw a new shop, one I hadn’t seen before
‘Let’s see what it has’, I decided to explore.
The shop was empty and completely clean.
The silence was eerie but almost serene.

I walked to the counter; to the lone personnel.
I read his name tag – It said ‘Chanel’
His name was Chanel but he was a guy?
I let it pass and said, ‘What can I buy?’

‘We’ve opened just recently, and we are pretty new
So, we have many flavours for the customer – that’s you.
Chocolate and orange, lemon and raspberry,
Pineapple and worms, cola and strawberry—’

‘Worms?’ I said. I had heard something wrong.
But instead of correcting, he took out the tongs.
Before I could think, or have my thoughts regroup
Into a cone, he had poured out the insect scoop.

‘Is that all, sir?’ he looked in my eye
I looked back at him, wanting him to die
‘I can’t eat this; this pile of maggot,
I want an ice cream, you filthy little fa—‘

My phone rang, it was Steve, the clerk
Back in the office, they got the AC to work.
I went to my car; the shop was insane.
I swore never to go to that place again.


11 thoughts on “Ice Cream Shop

  1. This does not sound like the local ice cream shop or Coldstone! Although, I only ever treat myself to ice cream 2 to 3 times a year; but it would be my pleasure to take you to get some real ice cream. Yes, thanonymoustalker, you can most certainly get ‘gummy’ worms, if you wish. 🙂


      • Great! It’s a… well, you know what I mean. 🙂 I was just thinking that the other day – theanonymoustalker must get tired of typing out thebrunetteinthepinkscarf! I really don’t mind it, but I will call you Anon, from now on. Per your request. 😛

        What did you have in mind for thebrunetteinthepinkscarf, Anon?

        Liked by 1 person

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