The Checklist

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Warning: This post is low on humor content and does not take responsibility for any lack of induced laughs. It , however, does take complete responsibility for the laughs it will induce.

I have been asked to think about the week that was and check to see if I accomplished the thing(s) I wanted to.

As daunting as the task may seem to me I choose to write about it.

Bring it On
Bring it On

Every week begins with me setting certain targets as to what should be achieved by the end of the week and every week ends with me lamenting on how miserably I have failed at achieving all of those. (In my experience, ice cream helps in numbing the pain – wait that was for after the dentist, forget it)

Why do I lack the ability to get my work done? Why?

I will tell you why – Procrastination.

Procrastination is like a superpower nobody wants. (If it were a superhero, it would probably be Aquaman.)

On one hand, it grants you the ability to find interest in a mere wall of your room, allowing you to stare at it for hours at end, but all at the cost of not doing your work.

And the biggest villain of all, the internet. (It’s like Procrastination’s trusty side kick.) I mean, with the advent of technology you would believe more work would get done quickly. Well, you are wrong!

The Deep Ditch
The Deep Ditch

Anyway, all fun aside. This week I discovered a technique called the Pomodoro Technique.

This asks you to force yourself to work for 25 minutes straight and then reward yourself at the end. The thing with the technique is that once you force yourself to work for a little while, you stop feeling the urge to put it aside for something else, since you are in a flow.

Endless Flow
Endless Flow

So, what have I managed to achieve this week? (Apart from the regular work which I HAVE to do)

Start working out again – Check

Write in the blog – Check

Learn fluent German – Nope

Talk to some old friends – Check

Obtain Hitler’s archives – Nope

Read a book – Check

Achieve World Domination – Nope

Stop Making Jokes with Dark Humor – Check (well, sort of)

Call Mom – Nope—

Oh no! I forgot to call her again! No worries, the week’s not over yet. I can still do it.

Till the next post, From one writer to another, WRITE ON!


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