The Zombie Block

So, I seemed to have entered some sort of writer’s block. Some sort of writer’s block I say because it is not entirely the lack of creative ideas which is turning out to be a problem. The real problem lies in my sheer and utter lack of will power to do more physical activity than shifting my laptop from one position to another so that my neck does cramp while I lie on my bed and browse through the internet.

I think the internet has had this effect on most of us. The zombie apocalypse which everyone has been preparing for is somewhat misread. It is the internet which is causing us to turn into this lethargic beast which aimlessly wanders the boundless paths of the world wide web much like the zombies which we have imagined to be aimlessly wandering the boundless paths of the world. Also, much unlike the zombie equivalents we do occasionally search for some matter which could help us sustain our half dead – half alive state.

Think about it, if zombies could talk and after hours of wandering around on the street you happen to catch one and ask, ‘what were you doing?’, what would the response be?

My guess is it would say, ‘nothing,’ same as what your response would be after aimlessly browsing through the web trying to make sense of your living.

The True Apocalypse

I can make many more comparisons as to how the human race is wrongly equipping itself to fight zombies. Guns and ammunition aren’t going to help if all of us just stick to browsing through internet. So, get your ass up and get motivated to deal with your life while I do the same and remember that we can’t give in…

…er, I will continue with this later, I just saw a post on my phone about 12 facts about kitten that will blow my mind. I really have to see it!


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